Many African countries  face challenges in providing adequate and affordable universal healthcare services to citizens. The immediate priority for many governments is to develop and implement policies that improve access to primary healthcare. As a result, there is limited government support for citizens who require long-term care for physical and mental health conditions and even less for those with substance and/or alcohol addictions. Inevitably, the increase in  health and psycho-social  conditions has resulted in an increase in the number of family caregivers. Given the challenges faced in providing primary healthcare for citizens, it follows suit that family caregiving is an area that lacks adequate government and private sector attention. In addition, there is a dearth of academic and other research on the personal and socio-economic impact of family caregiving. Tunzocare Africa is dedicated to advocating for change by networking and bringing together family caregivers, healthcare professionals, health finance institutions, employers, legal experts, regulatory bodies, governments and others to discuss matters policy; develop frameworks for addressing the socio- economic dynamics of family caregiving; and encourage research & development Given the