About Us

Giving support and care to family members living with debilitating physical or mental health conditions or who have substance/alcohol addictions family caregivers takes a toll on even the strongest of people. At Tunzocare Africa, we aim to equip, empower and encourage family caregivers across Africa so that they find encouragement, support, strength and meaning in their special yet complex journey. We also aim to build awareness on the wider socio-economic aspects of family caregiving and advocate for change in workplace and national policy and practices.

Christina Were – Founder: At the end of January 2017 abruptly, as happens with some things in life, Christina became the primary family caregiver for her mum, Naomi Were who had a stroke. 18 months into the journey there was a slow dawning that it takes more than compassion, more than relationship, more than commitment to do things right and more than determination to do the  right thing to go the long haul as a family caregiver.  So begun the introspection, reaching out to other family caregivers and a growing burden for African family caregivers in their diverse contexts. In January 2020, she transitioned to being a long distance and respite caregiver.  Before her family caregiving journey begun, Christina held multi-sectoral senior leadership roles in human resources, corporate strategy, process improvement and quality systems functions.  She lends this experience to occasional independent consultancy.  Christina is currently pursuing certification in mental health coaching from Light University, USA.