About Naomi Were

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Naomi   Lina   Were,   that’s   my   Mummy!

A   woman of substance, hospitable, wonderful story teller, generous, prayer warrior, Mrs Professor as some in the village call her, stickler for order, super duper cook, God lover. She used to say that God has promised her that her latter days will be greater than her former based on several verses in the bible that talk about that.  She often viewed it from the context of a court case that was actually going nowhere …. Well nowhere in the direction she wanted. Little   did   she know   that   there   was   an   agenda   more   important   in   the   courts   of   heaven.

On 28th January 2017 Mama got a stroke that left her paralysed on one side and aphasic (speech impaired). Yet, through her illness which occurred when she was chillin’ in her retirement activities, the impact Naomi has made and will make is much wider than what she made in her marriage. More than she made on my 6 siblings and I. More than the many she taught at Butere Girls and Kenya High School. More than the many whose quality of education she influenced as a Chief Inspector of Schools in Kenya. More than the many who used her Home Economics books in secondary school and teacher training colleges. More than the many who’s young lives she set on a growth trajectory when she took over running Star Academy in Kakamega from my late father Prof. Gideon Saulo Were. More than the many church youth and leaders she hosted at home. More …… Indeed she was right,  a new level of impact packaged though it was in a debilitating illness.

Through her illness, together and separately, Mama and I have cried, we have laughed, we have fought, we have made peace, we have despaired, we have hoped, we have questioned God and we have trusted God. Only now do we see that in our shared brokenness, He was birthing something beautiful. She is the one God used to begin my journey as a family caregiver, to teach me in His crucible, to cause me to reach out and to eventually establish Tunozocare Africa. This online resource centre is established in her honour and in shared gratitude to God.

Christina Were